Personalised shoes

With the Jazz concept, create your own "French elegance" style model.

concept jazzLike a jazzman that plays a variation according to the tempo, Derville lets you express your inspiration through its in-house style, the "French elegance".

The French elegance:

It is the last design that will add style to your shoes.Derville in-house style is the "French elegance", sober and contemporary declined into three versions: Classic with a round almond toe shape, or Timeless with a slightly narrow toe shape or Trendy with a longer toe shape.

The Jazz Concept

Be the co-designer of your model inside the Derville's harmony, alike the jazzman who plays the given tempo. Today, Derville offers you a dozen of different tempos that will be interpreted in more than 700 variations of models before choosing the patina that will mix colors to infinity. Your handmade patina will turn your shoes to be unique.


Within six to height weeks, Derville will invite you to try the shoes of your dreams.