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How it works?

The Derville Know-How: High Tech and handcraft tradition.

le numérisateur
Derville adapts handcraft's techniques making them more accessible. Measurements are taken through a 3D scan, faster and more accurate, a digital camera rotates around your feet.






prise de mesures

The digital image of your feet appears within two minutes. Each foot is analysed using four variables: length, width, thickness at the toes and instep.







le gabarit Derville

Sensitivity is as important as measurements. Comfort is also a matter of feeling. Therefore test shoes will identify whether a person likes adjusted shoes or rather prefers to fell a little off.








Derville Piquage de la tige

All the elements collected are then transmitted to the workshop located near Cholet (France). Each pair is produced individually, following a set of intructions specific to Derville.